Set the Scene Using Skeletons with our Resident Scream Queen, Gale!


Gale & A Ghoulfriend

20131022_190358It’s the time of year when we pull the skeletons out of the closet for everyone to see! We had to look no further than our own buying department for ideas on how to set the scene with skeletons. Gale is an assistant buyer for Wally’s Party Factory, and inarguably one of Wally’s biggest customers during Halloween. We sat down with her to pick her brain about her favorite holiday.

Wally: Is it safe to say that Halloween is your favorite time of year?

Gale: Absolutely!

20131022_190415Wally: When do you start planning and decorating for Halloween?

Gale: I start looking on Pinterest for new ideas midsummer. I start to pull out all my inventory the first weekend of October. I lay it all out in my garage and the brain storming process begins. First to go up is my fencing and graveyard. The fencing not only serves as my area to decorate, but keeps the living out of my display! Lol I set up more as a haunt/spooky/creepy scene. I will continue to work on the display the whole month up until Halloween night.

Wally: Do you find yourself buying new decor every year?

Gale: Yes! I buy a new prop every year. It keeps me excited about the New Year AND my repeat trick or treats look for new each year. My basic foundation is always a cemetery but I like to move things around – so may not be “new” but I have a new layout.

Wally: Which of your displays is your favorite? 20131023_183857

Gale: I love my skeletons because you can prop them up, but my fave will be whatever I get new for the year. I always put out a few props that visitors can have a photo op with. For example I will sit a Man and Woman couple on a bench beside the table and the kids… if brave enough… will stand in front while the parents capture the fright!


Wally: If you could buy any prop at any price, what would it be?

Gale: Oh wow… anything? Well I like a lot of the animated props that use compressed air – these get to be well up into the thousands of dollars, so I don’t really know I would ever have a big piece like that. BUT to have a haunted attraction would be totally cool! Anything that is realistic gets me excited.



20131023_185340 20131023_185317 20131023_185252   20131022_190318


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Wally’s DIY: Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns


Are you looking for a fun way to light your trick-or-treat pathway this Halloween? Try this easy Halloween Milk Carton Lantern DIY. Not only is it a perfect Halloween craft to create with kids, it is a great way to use those empty milk jugs!



Empty Milk Jugs

Permanent Markers

Scissors or Knife

Sand or Water

Glow Sticks, Flameless Candles, or Mini-String Lights with Battery Pack



Brighten your trick-or-treat pathway with glow sticks!


  1. 1. Thoroughly clean and dry the milk jugs.
  2. 2. Using permanent marker draw a ghost face, jack-o-lantern face, or any other simple shape that will stand out as a silhouette. Let the kids get creative with the Halloween theme.
  3. 3. If you are using glow sticks, fill the decorated jug with water, snap the glow stick and place it into the water. The more sticks you use, the brighter it will glow.
  4. 4. If you are using flameless candles or mini-string lights, you will need to cut a small opening on the reverse side of the jug large enough to insert the lights. We recommend an adult do the cutting, as the plastic can be tricky. Pour in the sand for weight, and then place the lights inside.
  5. 5. Place the finished lanterns along the sidewalk or pathway for a colorful addition to your trick-or-treat scene!



Mini-String Lights


Flameless Candle


Dark markers work much better when lighted from behind.

Glow sticks and mini-string lights are great to light a pathway.

The flameless candles add ambiance to your porch or windowsill.

You may also use standard string lights to connect the lanterns in a row.

You will need an extension cord or place near an available outlet.

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Create your own pumpkin lantern!

CYO_KatieAre you looking for an easy craft to get your children in the Halloween spirit? Create your very own peppy pumpkin lanterns with these cutouts and our orange paper lanterns! All you need is the sheet of cheery pumpkin cutouts, orange lanterns, and glue. After your children have created their masterpieces, hang these lanterns for a fun and unique Halloween decoration.

Click here to download the pumpkin cutout sheet. Be sure print out one sheet per child!

Halloween craft activity


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